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Words are birds, trying to agree on a direction to fly.


As a singer-songwriter, I work very hard to make sure that my lyrics are well written. Whether I'm telling a story, illustrating a vignette, or simply trying to evoke a mood, I love it when people pay attention to the lyrics.  To that end, I'm happy to share with you the lyrics/liner notes from my Jolley Cut CD. I'll soon post Honeybucket lyrics here as well.

Click the PDF image below to download a copy of the Jolley Cut lyrics. This is the original artwork file so excuse the "bleed" marks around the outside edges. 

Images compete for my attention.


Back in highschool, I had an insipiring film teacher who instilled in me a love of film and images. We studied classics such as Hitchcock and Kurosawa, and I fell in with highly stylized genres such as Film Noir and German Expressionism. I went on to study film at Carleton University in Ottawa, but after a couple of years, a break up with my girlfriend, and the growing realization that I was primarily going to be writing essays rather than holding a camera, I dropped out of the program.  The story goes on but, suffice to say, I've never lost my love of film and image-making, and I am constantly seeing and caputring images around the countryside where I live, and the places that I travel to (mostly Cost Rica).  I am finally at the point where I am putting my images out there in the world and people keep asking me "when is your first show?". So... I am planning a show and wil be making my photos available as archival quality prints. In the meantime, contact me for details if you want to purchase a print. A few samples:

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